Consider this

I know all the election and campaign advertisements were overly annoying months ago, but if you are still on the fence about your decision, consider the following:

Promises were made 4 years ago that should have been fulfilled by now.
Were they? Even closely?
(Cut the deficits in half in first term)
(Halve the growth in college tuition)
(Create a million new manufacturing jobs)
(Lower health care premiums by up to $2,500 per average family)

Is this country better after 4 years?
With almost six billion more dollars in debt
(Increased debt by 50% – 15.8 trillion)
(More than all past presidents combined)
With higher unemployment rates
(550,000 fewer jobs now than 4 years ago)
(Women’s rate was the worst of all, nearly doubling)
With small businesses on the brink of extinction
(I work for one that branched to multiple states years ago and
now I am the only remaining employee that they can afford)
(keep in mind the recession officially ended in June 2009)
With health care premiums going up by $2,370 per average family.

Do you want something that has already proven to not work?
This country is more forgiving of a bad president than a bad quarterback.
If this country were a football team, its quarterback would have failed 4 years straight  at improving anything. How many losing seasons can we afford? I always say it would be acceptable if we were getting better. I could care less about the debt, the unemployment rates, etc. if there was simply one category moving in the right direction. The excuse of needing more time due to inheriting a large amount of baggage would make sense if there were something with any improvement over the last four years. If the current president gets re-elected, his excuses will be even worse this time because he’s added to those inheritances and problems, causing more people to need assistance.

How do they show it?
How can you tell if someone cares about you or is just trying to get your vote?
Do they change their views randomly about such important topics like the definitionof marriage or in regard to the importance of the word God? Do they spend their time with the needy or having lunch with celebrities? Do they try to sway newly voting college students by making promises to them about lower tuition rates and more jobs? Do they hand out free phones to hide the real voices crying out for help? There are very specific intentions of why only certain groups are sought out. Are you really cared about?

Who has spent the last year vacationing, going to sporting events, enjoying the Olympics, having lunches with celebrities, appearing on multiple live television shows, and yet complains about the amount of work there is to do, and that there hasn’t
been enough time to accomplish it yet.
I hope my friends in NYC have been blessed with a better understanding of the current lack of concern in the government. The news media was first to arrive and brought with them generators, not for the people in need, but for their cameras.

I had an assignment in NYC where I spent two years there meeting with people. As a missionary for my church the first thing I understood was that I was not there for myself, I was there to serve others. I believed the time I had was the Lord’s time, not mine. The President is no different a position. How he wastes his minutes, is how he wastes our lives.
After Romney stated what he would do as soon as he got into office he was critiqued that “That’s going to be a long first day.” Most definitely that kind of comment comes from someone who simply doesn’t want to work.
A day after the final debate an acquaintance mentioned that he saw Mit Romney worshipping at his church’s temple. He does not advertise what he does, he serves in private.

Who makes excuses and claims things “Cannot be done”
What President have you ever heard of that points fingers?
Accusations towards Mit Romney are made about his financial inheritance and having unlimited funds for his campaign, while his own hard work is how he received it. Is hard work frowned upon? He was critiqued for the amount of taxes he pays. Mit Romney has held leadership positions in his Church in which he cannot fulfill the requirements unless he devotes 100% of his time to serving others. Romney gives by serving and not broadcasting.
The current president believes in quick fixes, a few bucks in the pocket and a little glue will solve any problem. One belief is that business problems and people can be solved by handing money out, while Romney would rather fix and prevent a problem from happening. People today get a free phone and a few bucks in their pocket and they are happy with
that? I am convinced they are, and that they buy into this illusion that the current President has taken care of them, but in reality doesn’t care about them.
How many attempts does it take to realize this “cover up” method doesn’t work?
The current President wants more teachers and criticized Romney for not, thus making him not care about education. Meanwhile, Mit Romney created a system in Massachusetts that has held their schools above any other in the country still to this day. All because he doesn’t want more teachers, he wants better teachers. Romney comes up with ideas off the top of his head (such as grading institutions) that show his concern. He doesn’t publicly take credit for his work; others notice the good influence it has on them. People are caught up in the current President’s lies that are broadcast through the media because
he takes and publically displays all the credit. He lies about his competition because he cannot afford to bring up his own failures.

“I have made it more affordable for college students to go to school.”
Saving a few bucks on student loans doesn’t help the fact that tuition has raised nearly a thousand dollars a year (ASU) since the current President took office. See the big picture? The current President takes a piece of something and takes credit for fixing it when he doesn’t want others to know he hasn’t even bothered to look at the whole of it. What about students, like myself, who don’t take out student loans in a desperate effort to stay out of more debt?
“The rich can take care of themselves”

What kind of president segregates people?
Mit Romney is criticized for only supporting the wealthy man, and not caring about the middle class or women, when he has clearly stated he wants to “Strengthen the middle class,” and have all people (including Democrats) come together in an effort to lift this country back up.

What president segregates people simply because of their beliefs, party preference or ethnicity? By singling these people out he instantly draws a line between them. These are PEOPLE. No matter what they do, who they are, where they’re from or what they do for a living. People in the middle class are REAL people. The upper class is REAL people. Democrats are REAL people. Republicans are REAL people.

After Mit Romney noted that the number of ships in the Navy has decreased the President said, “We also have less horses and bayonets.” Is this a comment that a Commander in Chief would make, or the rehearsed line of a five-year old, overheard in the lunch cafeteria? I’m not even in the Navy and I didn’t like that comment. Believe it or not, there is still an ocean, and just as much of it. The Navy is no less important today, to guard it. Again, more segregating.
I have friends in the Military who inform me that they don’t really care for the President and that is a common view of the others around them. At the same time the President wants to decrease the size of our Military, we successfully eliminate Osama and he does not hesitate to take all the credit, though it has been an un-acknowledged process that was started over 10 years ago.
More recently the current President could not decide if the death of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was a terrorist attack, and instead wanted to focus his attention on a YouTube video. What kind of President fails to provide necessary security, resulting in the lives of our own people, denies it, and then still discounts the magnitude of the incident, and further does not stand up for America? Even the Navy Seals have written books and made videos that the President threatened, announcing their disproval.

This has been the first year that I have really invested my time in politics on my own. I am a college student. I didn’t get a scholarship. I’ve never been a straight A student. But if someone as casual and average a person as I, can see the importance of this election, because of the clear differences between the man in the office right now and the man who needs to replace him, I would hope that others would make the same investment and vote.
Most of the things the candidates talk about I do not understand to their full extent, but I don’t think these topics and arguments are what is most important. It is the person addressing them. No matter how crappy the situation is, no matter how many flaws a program has, if the right person and team is running them, they will eventually work out.
Look at the character and integrity of the man. Look past the things that are less important, such as the color of their skin or their religion. Does he work? Is he honest? Has he been successful? Why? Does he care about others? Does he treat people equal? How does he lead and represent the country?
Why are more people on food stamps? I am convinced that some people are satisfied with their current lifestyle simply because they do not see the rest of the picture. They like not having to work and still having the ability to afford an escalade or a big screen television. I’ve met those people. But they don’t realize that they are hurting others. Good people who are trying to find work or hold on to their business and employees. Don’t be content with a free phone.
If people are not necessarily directly impacted by these failures, they will not notice them. It is dangerous to keep a bad thing going, even if does not directly impact us because one day it will. If we let these negative statistics over the last 4 years double, you will be directly impacted in a negative way. Don’t wait until things get bad to fix them, fix them now. This is a matter that has to be done now to prevent the future problems we are headed towards. Don’t trust what the media tries to plant in you, take matters into your own hands.
I have noticed a common trend with people being too accepting of a position that should demand much more. They say things like, “He’s trying.” The position of the President of the United States is not an experimental position. It is not a time for someone to “try.” Especially after the chance was already given and failed. This is not a position of second chances and second lives. Our country is at stake; our children and our lives are in our control, only when we stand up for them.

By not voting for Mit Romney at this election, you’re voting for this failed man.








*All statistics and facts taken from government websites (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
*All quotes taken from the presidential debates.